2016 GOP Race…(in pictures)

Let me open with a short disclaimer. This post was created in fun. It is not intended to support or protest any particular candidate. The reason it centers around only 4 or 5 of the presidential candidates is, well let’s be honest, they are the only GOP candidates that people seemed to be passionate enough about whether it was to¬†their favor or against them.

It simply occurred to me that I didn’t have to spend the many hours I’ve spent in front of the television watching the debates and primary coverage, when the pictures tell the whole story (creative license applied.) And if you’re going to poke fun at the candidates, what better time than during the primary season, right?

I’d like to start off with something that is either tried and true, or just plain worn out. With a twist.

trump hair

Meet “Donald”

rubio trump imitation

“and…Little Donald”

I know, the hair joke falls flat against some of the material these guys have given us over the last few months, but I do get a kick out of Marco’s jovial attitude over being caught with ‘Trump hair.’

Speaking of Marco and Donald in the same sentence, let me remind you of what has become one of the most infamous mentions in a presidential debate, ever.

really this big

“Have you seen his hands? You know what they say…”

Let’s turn our attention to Jeb. He may be out of the running, but the jokes about him are still going strong. His campaign may not have gone anywhere on the $152 mil he had in his tank, but he left us with endless material to keep the ‘Bush’ name going.

APTOPIX GOP 2016 Debate

“You can trust me, Jeb. I won’t pull away this time…”

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks during a town hall meeting campaign stop at the Medallion Opera House in Gorham

“I’m a member of the Bush dynasty. Why does HE always get the bigger microphone?”

gives me a headache

“It’s a ‘Trump Headache’. Nothing 1237 delegates won’t fix.”

crying bush

“But Daddy & George won in Iowa. I was robbed!… Hold me.”

Okay, enough Jeb jabs. I’m trying to be impartial here. But it’s hard. We each have our favorites and tolerate their contenders. And let’s face it, some candidates give us more to parody than others. For example…

yes doughnuts

“Yes! FOX is springing for donuts at the debate.”


“Five. Count’em. Marco repeated himself five times.”

Let’s move on to the man people either love or hate, as there seems to be no in between.

congratulate on debate win

“….Thanks for coming to my debate, Jeb….”

hair is real

“People, for the last damn time, the hair is REAL!”

megyn poisoned my water

“I think Megyn… poisoned…. my…… wate…….”

I’ll finish up with the man who gave me, personally, the most to poke fun at.


“I ask you, how can you take a man like Donald Trump seriously?”

rubio Booger

“Umm, Ted… You got a little something right there.”

going going gone

“Now you see it…………………………………………………………….Now you don’t.”

I’ve got to be honest, I’ve wasted precious time wondering where exactly that went! Maybe he’ll disclose the answer with his taxes….

it wasnt me

“If anyone mentions it, I’m going to swear on my bible that it was Mitch McConnell.”

cruz be donald

“Halloween 2015.”

And last, but not least…. The money shot or photoshopped? Weigh in below…


“Not on a leash AND¬†disrespectful… Must belong to one of those damn Trump supporters.”

Again, this was supposed to be in fun so please refrain from leaving comments about how offended you are or how disrespectful you found it. No harm, no foul. Most will take it for what it was, but there’s always a few….


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