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The following aren’t the most important of the headlines I’ve read in the last few days, but they did catch my attention.



This one irked me.

Iced Coffee

“Too much ice in her coffee.” A woman named Stacy Pincus is suing Starbucks on the claim that their 24 ounce ICED coffee only contains 14 ounces of the actual drink and the rest is…. Ice. Really. Iced Coffee containing actual ice? I wonder who the genius was that came up with that idea!  Haha

Seriously though, in her lawsuit she asks for $5 million. Five mil for a few ounces of ice? That rounds out to $1.25 mil for each of the four unnecessary ice cubes. If her lawsuit weren’t so incredibly greedy stupid, it would be laughable. I have to admit, after reading it, I entertained the notion of weighing everything in my pantry to see if I could find a can or box that didn’t meet the weight stated on the packaging. Ca-ching!

Now, if it were me, and I ordered a drink that came with what I considered too much ice, my first course of action would probably be to simply drink it, and possibly never order it again if the extra ice left a bad taste in my mouth, pun intended. (After all, I DID order it without researching the number of ice cubes to be included, the drink-to-ice ratio, or whether those ice cubes were unison in size, shape, and weight) If I were in bitch mode because, let’s say, Macy’s didn’t have the sandals I wanted in my size, I might ask to have them remake it to my liking. But never, EVER in my wildest dreams would it occur to me to down the drink, throw the cup away, and beeline to my attorney’s office to file a suit against the chain.

This is reminiscent of Anna Ayala, who spent time in jail for grand larceny when she

Wendy’s Chili Scam

falsely accused Wendy’s of serving up a healthy portion of finger in her chili, and the klutz woman who spilled a cup of McDonald’s coffee into her lap and sued the chain for millions. For god’s sake, she ordered coffee, what was she expecting? Did she inquire about the temperature BEFORE she ordered or spilled it? Did Stacy (jump-on-the-bullshit-lawsuit-bandwagon) Frivolous Litigation Pincus take her cue from Stella (I-didn’t-realize-coffee-was-hot) Liebeck. I suppose there are many people out there looking for that free ride, so much so that it seems to have become the American way.

Hot Coffee
McDonalds Coffee

Damn, as I write this it occurred to me that the other night my daughter ordered a bacon pizza from a local shop. When it arrived, she had to brush a good bit of the bacon off because there was simply too much and it was overpowering. What was I thinking? I simply stood and watched as she brushed her $5 million-dollar bullshit lawsuit into the trashcan.


Hey, Stacy, if you win your ridiculous case, would you hook me up with your lawyer? In the meantime, I’m going to head to the kitchen to pick the bacon bits from the bottom of the trash.

Just a note, I use the Ayala vs Wendy’s case and the Liebeck vs McDonald’s case to make a point by comparison. Ayala was simply a crook on the take, but Stella Liebeck’s case was different in the aspect that she did suffer personal injury requiring a hospital stay and skin grafts. That does not change the facts that

1. Coffee is expected to be hot and there were no laws in place to determine exactly what temperatures were considered legally acceptable and which were considered negligent, and

2. SHE spilled it on herself; another didn’t spill it onto her.

There was no malicious intent in the Liebeck case. Stacy Pincus suffered no personal injury.

Read full story HERE

FB ‘Poke’



This one is a bit controversial, depending on which side of the gun law you stand on. I, for one, believe people should be allowed to keep their guns. Yes, I think there should be strict laws in effect as to how they should be obtained. I think gun laws only succeed in keeping the honest people honest because, let’s face it, the criminals don’t obey them anyway.

An 11-year-old boy, Chris Gaither from Talledega Alabama, saved his home and possibly his life by pulling [first a knife, and then] a gun on an intruder who was in the midst of robbing the boy’s home.

Run Robber Run

Apparently, the guy left the house carrying ….. a laundry basket. Not a TV, a stereo, a computer, money, jewelry, or any of the usual high-theft items…. but a laundry basket. The news report did not specify whether the basket contained any dirty laundry. Not that it matters, but it would give us insight as to just how stupid this criminal was, and of course supplied the comedic theme.




Maybe because I have been the victim of someone’s depravity for several years now, I’m giving this kid a huge thumb’s up.

Read full story HERE


3 thoughts on “In The News

  1. I’m not sure what guys/bogus charges you’re referring to, there are so many scammers out there. People like that, as annoying and irritating as they are, get what they have coming in the end.

    As for the sugar and the freezer, no, I haven’t. I don’t use sugar in my coffee, but now you have me curious as to what happens.


  2. I like it. I could go on all day about the greedy, stupid lawsuits. We have discussed before: If I were judge, I would find the lawyer in contempt of court for a frivolous suit which takes up the courts time. I would then throw it out of court and make the “greedy little snipe” pay all court and attorney fees. Some people are looking for a free ride no matter what it costs everyone else. May they get what the deserve. Ok, I’m getting off my soapbox now. By the by, I like your site. Love YSMMA

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! That Starbucks suit has really been bothering me. Although, I made perogies last night and the box said: Contains 14 pieces. It only had 13. Do you think I have a case? Haha



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