Studio 411 w/ Larry Dasilva

I was recently invited to appear on Studio 411 with its host, Larry Dasilva. Normally, the show is taped in the studio, but in my case, we opted for satellite (Skype) as I am located in the middle of the country while he is on the east coast.

Studio 411 w/ Larry Dasilva

Larry is a great guy and we got to know each other a bit through sound checks and ‘off air’ chats to discuss the show. We skyped once and he saw me with ‘pool hair’ as I had been in the pool less than an hour before. Another time he saw me with ‘cat hair’ (the messy bun that resembles a sleeping cat curled on top of my head). So when the time to tape came, I think he may have been a little apprehensive as to exactly what I’d show up looking like! I think I did him proud…

In his hour-long show we discuss books, the publishing industry, and a few personal aspects of my life that have helped to shape my writing.

I have to admit, I couldn’t remember whether they say the camera put ten pounds on, or ten years on, but either way, if I look a little perplexed at times, you’ll know whyat was going through my head!…. Haha

Anyway, if you have a bit of free time, check out my interview with Larry and bookmark the web address as he has a number of interesting people on his show. Have you ever watched ‘The Waltons’? Sure you have, hasn’t everyone at some point in time? Two weeks from today Larry will talk with one of the show’s stars (I’ll keep which one a surprise for Larry to reveal), but you won’t want to miss it!

As for the burning question – ten pounds or ten years? Weigh in below!

K.E. Garvey on Studio 411

K.E. Garvey

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