New Release… (of a different kind)

Although I try to keep my posts to writing/books/publishing in some form or another, occasionally, I must digress. This is one of those times.

I have news. Actually, it’s a secret I have been given the go ahead to share.

Drum roll please…

I am going to be blessed with another grandchild. My daughter Bear (Taylor) and her long-time boyfriend CJ (Craig) recently announced that they are expecting around the first week of March. This will bring their grand total to… another drum roll… FIVE. She had three from her previous marriage, he had one from a previous relationship, and they will soon have one together. I think that makes them bona fide members of the “his, hers, and theirs” club!

2017-08-26 18.00.28-1-3 - Copy
The Original Four

And that will bring my number of grandchildren to eight (possibly nine) ranging from fetus to fourteen. My oldest daughter has given me three granddaughters: 14, 13, 12. My youngest daughter has given me two granddaughters: 7 and 6, and a son: 4, and one TBD. CJ brought one son: 4, to the relationship – who I have informally adopted as a grandson, and my son may/may not have a newborn son (paternity has yet to be determined/proven).

They call me Mimi, but I think I am going to change my name to GM. You probably think that stands for Grand Ma. Or Glam Ma…haha. No, it stands for General Manager because I will now have enough for my own baseball team!

She is scheduled for an ultrasound – the big one – at the end of October. Every women who’s ever had a baby knows what the ‘big one’ is. It is the appointment where the impatient have the option of learning the sex of their baby. Bear is hoping for another girl, CJ has placed his bets on a boy. Neither of them want to find out the baby’s sex that day. Instead, they want me to go with her, let the tech whisper it into my ear, and then I will throw them a reveal party the following weekend. (Any unique ideas for the big moment, I’m listening). I hear reveal parties are the rage these days. Cool idea and all, but the way I see it… someone’s going to be disappointed at their own party! (Personally, happy, healthy baby, of course, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say a silent “go team girl” prayer).

I am truly overjoyed for them and ask that you all take a few seconds to wish Bear and CJ love, luck, and a healthy addition to their beautiful family.

2017-08-26 17.15.30
Twinkle, twinkle little star how we wonder what you are.

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