Writer’s Market 2018

So you wrote a book. Now what? Do you need an agent? An editor? Can you submit directly to a publisher? What’s the difference between a query and a submission and which should you send?

There are a ton of questions once you’ve finished writing your book and The Writer’s Market can answer them. Rather than to scour the internet in search of agents that are actively seeking queries, or which agents accept in your genre, the Writer’s Market has done the leg work for you.

Inside you’ll find an extensive listing of agents along with a description of what they accept, whether they’re currently accepting, guidelines to their preferred process, and tips on what they expect and what pet peeves they may have.

There are thousands of listings for publishers, agents, magazines, contests, resources, and more to help you determine the next step on your journey to publication. A must-have for anyone who is serious about their writing and the direction it takes. The new editionĀ Writer’s Market 2019 doesn’t come out until September 2019. You did the work, don’t wait to see where it can go.


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