Fun Writer’s Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

Today I’d like to do something a little different. Instead of posting yet another blog on the writing tips that have been covered by everyone, how about a quiz. The following questions all have something to do with authors, most of who we know well. Read the questions carefully, some of the answers might surprise you.

*Disclaimer: Oddly, many people still live under the impression that if Google says it, it must be true. I am not one of them. I question everything. So, after each question I have posted a link to the site where I obtained the answer. If you’d like to debate my answer, follow the link!


Not counting Stephen King, which living author has had the most books adapted into a movie?

A) John Grisham

B) Ian McEwan

C) Nicholas Sparks

D) J.K. Rowling

Most Movies 

Which movie adapted from a book is considered the best book adaption of all-time?

A) To Kill A Mockingbird

B) The Lord of the Rings

C) Schindler’s List

D) The Shawshank Redemption

Movie Adaption

Who is the best-selling children’s author of all time as of 2004? This author has written hundreds of children’s books, including the Fear Street series. At one time he produced one book a month for each of those series.

A) Dr. Seuss

B) R.L. Stine

C) Judy Blume

D) E.B. White

Children’s Books

Which of the following authors’ books are not frequently banned from schools and libraries?

A) Judy Blume

B) Toni Morrison

C) J.K. Rowling

D) Stephen King

Banned Books

Which of the following authors did not make the “Highest Paid Authors of 2017” list?

A) Rick Riordan

B) Paula Hawkins

C) Jeff Kinney

D) Jodi Picoult

Highest Paid

According to Emily Temple, as of December 2017, which of the following books did not make the  “most rejected” books of all-time list?

A) Still Alice, by Lisa Genova

B) Wittgenstein’s Mistress, by David Markson

C) The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks

D) The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

Most Rejected

Answers: C, D (Although I would have gone with A), B, D, D, and C

How did you do? As an Indie author myself I am in awe of some of the authors mentioned here. Can you imagine making in excess of $20 million writing? Or how about having more than 10 of your books adapted into movies? I imagine at one time, the authors listed in this quiz were also in awe. Everyone’s idea of “BIG” is different, but I’m sure whatever they considered big was once nothing more than a dream. I wonder how it feels in that very moment when you realize the dream you’ve been dreaming has become your reality. Amazing, I’m sure.

Now that I’ve taken you away from your own writing long enough, keep in mind that each one of them dreamed, worked, and failed before they made it


K.E. Garvey is the author of several works of fiction in the Women’s and Suspense genres. Click a cover to check out the latest works.


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