Making The List…

Hey all!

I haven’t been posting here as often as I had hoped to, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Following a total rewrite of my newest baby book, I am back on track for a December 1st release, and have begun plotting the next book (late 2020). With a brand new granddaughter and my daughter’s wedding to plan it’s been no less than hectic for sure.

This post was intended to share something with you, something I was flattered and honored by. I received an email yesterday from Caroline Eliasson with telling me that one of my books, Cry Like A Girl, was included in their recently published wiki: Authentic Books About The Difficulties And Triumphs Of Marriage.

That in itself is an honor, but when I saw the names of the other nine authors to make the list I was humbled. Not only have a I heard of them, but I’ve read and admired the work of several of them.

Marriage is a special relationship that isn’t always captured accurately in fiction. Luckily, there are plenty of well-written works that reflect the joys, struggles, and complex emotions that spouses go through together. Full of humor as well as heartbreak, they tackle everything from parenthood to addiction and infidelity. In no particular order, here are ten books that authentically examine married life.

I have to admit, they had me from “authentically examine married life.” As a writer, if I’m not authentic I have nothing to offer my readers.

I’d like to thank everyone at Wiki.ezvid for recognizing my work and including me on such an impressive list, and in a video offering a glimpse into my work. I urge my readers to follow the link below to their page as they offer so much information on books, movies, and more of interest.


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