The Long-Awaited Wedding…

First, this post has nothing to do with writing. Truth told, since I got married last year, little has. Have I accomplished what I set out to do? Possibly got bored with it? I’m not sure, and I still bang away at the keys, but without regularity.

Anyway, this post… Six weeks ago my youngest daughter and her long-time boyfriend/fiance were finally married in a beautiful ceremony that had been postpones twice before. The first time, their sixth and final child was born and she didn’t feel there was enough time to plan (or lose the baby weight), so they put it off a year. The second time, COVID struck. Everything closed. They postponed, again.

But on August 21st more than 100 people gathered to watch them finally walk down the aisle. The venue was stunning, Bear was gorgeous, and I’d never seen CJ look so handsome. Actually, he’s always handsome, I just never seen him dressed up! Their kids were all a part of the wedding, the youngest going as far as to steal the show! There was a “flower dude, a brides “man”, and a 20-person wedding party. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding.

Here are a few pictures and a link to the video taken by the photography group they hired. They came out wonderful.

The video won’t embed because it belongs to my daughter, but if you click “watch video” above it will take you directly to it.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. CJ McMinn 8.21.21

Mr. & Mrs. McMinn
The ceremony
The bride and groom’s parents and children
Mother-of-the-bride dance, My Wish
The youngest McMinn children
The venue, Moonstone Manor, Elizabethtown, Pa
She was such a beautiful bride

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