Missouri In A Suitcase

Published in 2004 and written under the pen name Nova Scott, Missouri in a Suitcase was my first venture into novel writing. Before that, I wrote articles of interest for ezines and enthusiast magazines, mostly on the subjects of horses and eventing. Although still available in digital format, the paperback is now out-of-print.

Missouri in a Suitcase Cover
Missouri In A Suitcase

Lizabeth Porter has no chance to grieve the death of her father. She has turned all of her attention to raising her orphaned 10-year-old brother, Tommy. Ever since Tommy witnessed the death of their father, he has refused to speak or let go of a battered old, yellow suitcase. Quitting her job and breaking off her engagement, Lizabeth moves Tommy to her grandparent’s dilapidated house in Colorado. She hopes that a new town will help to leave the bad memories behind, in Missouri, and give her back her little brother.

Living across the street from her grandparent’s house is an old childhood friend, Gabe Taylor, a man she just can’t seem to remember or be nice to. Gabe is just what Tommy needs, a male figure to replace the father he lost. Gave is able to get more out of Tommy in one afternoon than Lizabeth has accomplished since her father’s death. As Tommy opens up to Gabe, slowly, so does Lizabeth. Yet, Missouri is not completely behind them. Old relationships and secrets keep drawing them back.

Not since Jessica Shattuck’s ‘The Hazards of Good Breeding’, has a novel explored the depths of love between a brother and sister with such insight. Missouri in a Suitcase is a tour de force of love and suspense.

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