The ABCs of Writing

There is a certain level of honesty in even the most outrageous of facts. Here are a few to ponder... A. Asshole. Never use this word. It has been so overused it has had one of the S's squeezed out of it. Asshat and asswipe are worthy alternatives but sound rather tween-ish and are best suited … Continue reading The ABCs of Writing


Excuse? Reason? Distraction?

Excuses, Reasons, and Distractions – And The Difference Between Them. I never pretend to be an expert on any topic related to writing nor is it my intention to be an expert. But for the knowledge I lack, I have lessons learned to even the playing field. Today’s post is about the reason(s) writers don’t … Continue reading Excuse? Reason? Distraction?

Repeat After Me…

"You can be the ripest, freshest, juiciest peach at the market, and there are still going to be some people who simply don't like peaches." ~Charles J. Moran I credit my grandfather with that expression as he is the only one I've ever heard say it. I love to throw that saying in when applicable … Continue reading Repeat After Me…

Hey Indie Author… You Suck!

That's right, you suck - with a capital S-U-C-K! Your dialogue is sophomoric. Your grammar and punctuation are an insult to Strunk and ridiculed by White. Your characters are weak and your storyline has less movement than a flatline. Okay, I admit, that was harsh and reviews like that are the exception, not the rule. In my opinion, … Continue reading Hey Indie Author… You Suck!