The Red Strokes

This is a reworked edition of the original novel, The Red Strokes, offered under my real name, K.E. Garvey. This second edition is available in both paperback and digital formats.

     Lilah, Mia, and Val. Sisters as individual as snowflakes with a kinship that resembles a stick and plate balancing act. It takes constant work and the slightest misstep threatens to bring them to a shattering end. Yet among their many differences is a bond, a common thread that has carried them through decades of both happy and sad tears. The heartstring.

When Thomas Fahning dies, he leaves behind a cryptic message and enough secrets to pave the road from Pennsylvania to his hometown in Mississippi. With the help of his long-time friend, the sisters learn to accept, forgive, and embrace his red strokes as well as their own.



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