Cover Reveal – Run Like A Girl

First, I apologize. I did say I would be revealing the new cover yesterday, but life got in the way, as it tends to do. I woke up to a friendly reminder email from an anxious fan/friend inquiring on its whereabouts.

To writers (and the readers who have become their fans), there is nothing more exciting than a new release. I am quickly closing in on the release of my latest book, Run Like A Girl, which happens to be the second book in the Like A Girl series. More about the book in a later post.

Today is about the cover. For the second time, I have ventured into the world of illustrating and created my own artwork for one of my books. I still get a little mind-boggled with canvas and image resolutions and dpi versus ppi, but being a typical Virgo and INFJ, I have to reign in the perfectionism and, at a certain point, just go with it.

So, here it is: Book 2, “Run Like A Girl”, which will come out May 2nd. If you’re so inclined, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my sophomore attempt at illustration. I realize that without a synopsis to refer to, only the cover’s visual appeal is up for scrutiny! 😉

Run Like A Girl

Interested in reading the first book of the series? Look for the sale on Book 1, Cry Like A Girl, in the upcoming weeks to kick-off the release of Book 2.

“Write to the ends of your imagination.”  ~K.E. Garvey

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